News & Events

Stay up to date with what's going on:

This section of our site provides access to news and information to keep you up to date with what is happening in our school.

There are a number of ways we communicate with families on an ongoing and as needed basis:

Newsletters - a fortnightly newsletter is completed and sent home to those people who have subscribed to our Newsletter list. This provides information about key activities, events and important whole school initiatives and information. You can subscribe to our Newsletter by visiting news-events/join-our-mailing-list

Email - important information is also emailed out to current school families as required. Often this is information which requires action by families or has high importance. As such, it is important current families have an updated and regularly checked email address.

Facebook - many whole school 'celebrations' and 'activities' are updated to our School Facebook page - 

Current families are also invited to join the Stella Maris Parents Facebook page where information can be shared by current parents and questions and answers provided to specific school related information. Further information about this page is provided once families are enrolled.

See Saw - See Saw is an app which allows individual classes to share information, photos and videos on a class by class nature. Each class sets up its own See Saw account and information is posted regularly on this app.