Catholic Education South Australia

Yearly Theme

‘We are Good Samaritans’.

Is our school theme for 2021

As a school founded by the Good Samaritan Sisters, one of our most callings is to ‘Be a Good Samaritan to all'. The Good Samaritan story – one of the most well known Gospel stories, speaks of the deeds of a Samaritan man, who goes out of his way to help a man from a neighbouring town who was bashed and robbed on the roadside. Despite a number of people seeing the man and ignoring his need for help, the Samaritan man not only stopped and helped him, but took him to an inn and paid for his further care.  

The Samaritan story teaches us about true compassion and support of our ‘neighbour’ - no matter who they are. This year, we aim to live our lives as ‘Good Samaritans” - going out of our way to help, love and care for each other at all times.