Yearly Theme

“We are Protectors of Creation”

“We are Protectors of Creation”

As we begin our new school year, we are excited to share our inspiring school theme for 2024 -

"We are Protectors of Creation” - drawing inspiration from the wisdom of the creation story in Genesis (1:1-2:4) and from our Good Samaritan Charism.

In Genesis, we hear the awe-inspiring narrative of the creation story, where each element of the world is carefully crafted by God our Creator, who sees what He has created and declares it to be good.

As Protectors of Creation, we recognize our responsibility to nurture and safeguard the beauty of creation that surrounds us.

Our theme calls on us to be stewards for our environment, fostering a deep respect for the diversity of life and promoting sustainable practices.

Through engaging learning opportunities we aim to empower our Stella Maris students to become mindful "Protectors of Creation” who lead members of our community to foster a harmonious coexistence with the world around them for future generations to enjoy.