As part of a network of schools in the South-West area, there are a number of pathways both to and from Stella Maris Parish School.

Children come to our school from many kindergartens, in the local area, including:

Darlington Children’s Centre 2A Kurrajong Place Seacombe Gardens 8296 2686
Dover Gardens Kindergarten 45 Broadway, South Brighton 8296 9841
Seacliff Community Kindergarten 47 Kauri Parade, Seacliff 8296 3186
Seaview Downs Kindergarten 5A Hume St, Seaview Downs 8296 3322
Warradale Kindergarten cnr Cairns Avenue and Wyndham Avenues 8296 1035

as well as childcare centres and early learning centres.

Pathways from Stella Maris

On the completion of Year 6 at Stella Maris Parish School, families are well-placed to offer their child a pathway to the following Catholic Secondary Schools:

Please take note of enrolment procedures for these middle school pathways- usually occurring two years prior to commencement of year 7 as enrolment at Stella Maris Parish School does not automatically guarantee enrolment at these colleges.