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P & F Meeting

Please see the newsletter for our next meeting time and date.

Parents and Friends

From the Committee


Dear Parents, Caregivers and Families

At Stella Maris, our sense of community is strong, because of the supportive staff, and families and friends.  From helping on Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day stalls, assisting with class activities, in the canteen or in the Uniform Shop, there are several ways in which you can participate. Keep an eye on the Facebook parents group (search for ‘Stella Maris SA Parents’), school newsletters and notices for upcoming events (and call outs for volunteers).

If you would like to participate in P & F meetings, we will be putting out a schedule of meetings in the coming weeks. There is no need to commit to every meeting; you are welcome to attend any meetings you wish.

 As important as the fundraising activities are, just as important is the fostering of a community spirit at Stella Maris.  Throughout the year, activities are organised which facilitate the gathering of families in a social setting.   If you have any requests or suggestions of fundraising or community activities that you would like to see, drop me a line at

Warm regards,
Maureen Watts

Parents and Friends