How to Enrol

  1. Click below to download and print the 'Application for Enrolment' form. Note: A $50 fee is applicable upon lodgement of the application form.
  2. The application form should be lodged with the school as soon as possible, along with copies of the child's Baptismal and Birth certificates.
  3. The school will send out a letter to acknowledge receipt of the application form.
  4. An interview and a visit to the school will be arranged between the parents and the Principal.
  5. A letter of 'Offer of Enrolment' will be sent along with an 'Acceptance of Enrolment Offer' form.  Note: A $100 non-refundable fee is applicable upon lodgement of the acceptance form.  This fee is credited against your child's first term fees.
  6. Children beginning Reception class are invited to attend orientation morning/s at the end of the year prior to their commencement, while parents attend an information session at the same time.


Interviews Held:
Beginning of Term 2, two years prior to the year of enrolment.

Offers for Enrolment:
Are sent out at the start of term 3 of that same year

Further Offers:
At the discretion of the Principal.

Enrolment 2