School Board

The School Board has an important role in relation to the management and functioning of the school which is outlined in the SACCS (South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools) Guidelines for School Boards. 

The Board is comprised of elected and appointed members and support the effective partnership between parents, staff, students and parish. 

It meets monthly and considers a broad range of financial, resources, infrastructure, educational and spiritual issues. 


Fr Joseph Raja Parish Priest / Board President
James Quigley Principal / Executive Officer
Rachel Miller Chairperson of School Board
Ella Kirkham Deputy Chair
Tamara Best Chairperson of the Finance Committee
Brendan Duffy Elected representative
Katherine Thrussell Elected representative
Deb Reynolds Elected representative
Luke Northcote Elected representative
Andrew Collette Elected representative
Kylie Bowman Parents and Friends representative
Paula Clarke Staff representative
Loretta Delfino Elected Representative
Carol McNicol Secretary


Visit the Catholic Education South Australia School Board website for resources to assist with School Boards in Catholic Schools in SA.