New year intake takes enrolments to record high


Recently we welcomed 50 new students to our Stella family as they began their transition to school program. These students takes enrolment numbers at Stella Maris to a record high of 429.

Students have engaged in transition visits which have ensured that when they begin full time in Week 1 of term 3, there are only a few nerves and their anticipation is high.

At the parent-information session, Principal James Quigley describes the importance of the transition sessions – for parents, teachers and of course the students.

“For the parents, it is about getting use to where classrooms are, where to park in the mornings and at pick up times, how the yard and routines in the morning work. For our teachers it is a vital time where they build initial relationships and begin to develop strong connections and relationships with the kids. They are watching and observing the things they are doing and taking mental notes about how they are engaging in tasks which will help to ensure they set up a supportive environment for when they start school. And of course, for the kids, they are getting use to the big, wide world of school. It is a very different experience than Kindy or Pre-School offers so having these sessions provides them with some sense of what they might expect. Of course, we aim to make the sessions great fun and developing a ‘love’ and ‘enjoyment’ for school right from these visits”.

Interest in our school is at all time high levels. A strong community reputation, excellent facilities and most importantly dedicated and outstanding staff is ensuring that interest in the school continues at a frantic pace.

If you have a child interested in joining Stella Maris, we encourage you contact the front office via email or click on the enrolments page in this website.