Overdue Accounts

Where all attempts to collect outstanding fees by the school fail, collection of the outstanding debt is to be placed into the hands of Mercantile Credit Management for management of the account.

Prior to this occurring the family will be advised of our intention to place the account with a Collection Agency and given a final 14 days to pay. Once the debt has been given to the Collection Agency all correspondence regarding the debt will be between the Agency and the family with all costs involved to be added to the amount of the debt requiring payment.

Bad Debts

An overdue account is to be classed as a bad debt when all attempts to collect the debt have been exhausted by the school.

No overdue accounts belonging to a family with children still at the school will be written off as a bad debt.

Any parent/caregiver endeavouring to enrol a child at the school or to re-enrol the same student(s) at the school where an overdue account has been written off, as a bad debt will be expected to clear the amount before the enrolment will be accepted.