Fee Support

Fee Remission

All discussion and correspondence regarding fee remission remains strictly confidential between the family, Principal and Finance Manager.

All requests for fee remission will be reviewed on a year-by-year basis. Families seeking fee remission from one year to the next will need to submit a new application each year.

Applications must be submitted with: Centrelink Income Statement, current payslips, bank account statements the SMPS Application for Hardship Remission. See Fees Forms page.


School Card Discount

Those families who are eligible to receive assistance from the State Government will receive 40% discount from their Tuition Fees (after any sibling discount).

School Card payments received from the State Government will be deducted from the Composite Fee. This will be approximately $160 per child, an exact amount is not supplied by the State Government until the beginning of each school year. 

Applications are made online at School Card Scheme.

Applications must be made before the end of Week 7, Term 1 each year


Family Discounts for External Siblings

A family discount will apply to children attending another Catholic School.