Religious Education

Teachers plan their Religious Education programs using Crossways - the Religious Education Framework for SA Catholic Schools.  Drawing its inspiration from the four sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Crossways invites students into an encounter with the Catholic faith as a believing, living, celebrating and praying faith tradition.

We celebrate the seasons of the Church and special days and attend Mass as a whole school and in class groups. Each class has a "Sacred" space which is the focus for prayer and liturgy in the classroom. Classes have a prayer time each day and the children are taught traditional prayers of the church and responses used in the Mass.

We also support Social Justice initiatives throughout the year.


  • Parents are the first educators and partners in their faith education

  • Parents and the Parish work together to prepare children for the Sacraments

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation is usually celebrated in Year 3 and the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist are usually celebrated together in Year 4

  • Families from the Parish and the School form groups and gather with their children 4 or 5 times to prepare for these Sacraments. Each group is facilitated by a Parish Leader.

Journey to Emmaus for Year 5 students

Our school participates in an exiting initiative in conjunction with four other Tier 1 schools:

  • St Teresa's
  • St Bernadette's
  • Christ the King
  • St Martin de Porres

Our Year 5 students gather with the Year 5 students from these other schools to take part in the "Journey to Emmaus" program.

This leadership program compliments and enhances our existing classroom based Religious Education Curriculum.

It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to meet Year 5's from other schools.

Activities involve:

  • sharing what they are doing in the classroom
  • meeting with guest speakers from a variety of agencies which support our local and world communities
  • focussing on social justice issues
  • undertaking reflection activities
  • exploring how we can be the face of Jesus
  • planning ways of helping others
  • participating in fun activities

The school and parish have contributed to the employment of two Youth Ministers who plan and oversee the day in collaboration with the class teachers, APRIM and Principal.