Enrichment Programmes


Students from Year 5 & 6 are invited to participate in choir, which then forms part of a combined Catholic schools' choir, performing at the Catholic School's Music Festival. 

The Catholic School's Music Festival is held at the end of Term 3 at the Festival Theatre. 

 Choir members learn 10 songs - some with choreography - under the direction of choir trainer Cathy Lainio




To provide a number of opportunities such as:

  • experience living away from home in a safe, caring environment
  • participate in activities they wouldn't normally be exposed to at school
  • learn in an environment that is mainly hands-on and experiential
  • get to know each other in a fun-filled environment
  • take responsibility for themselves and others by using their time constructively and participating in camp duties
  • encourage students to demonstrate positive values by caring for and encouraging others


Depending on numbers and activities offered, the venue is often within 2 hours drive from school.

Accomodation is in cabins with catering provided,