Stella Maris’ target language is Italian.

The interrelated aims of learning languages are to:

  • Communicate in the target language
  • Understand language, culture, and learning and their relationship, and thereby develop an intercultural capability in communication
  • Understand oneself as a communicator
Language learning is for all students in Australian schools.  Learning languages:
  • Extends the ability to communicate and extends literacy repertoires
  • Strengthens the understanding of the nature of language, of culture and of the process of communication
  • Develops intercultural capability, develops understanding of, and respect for, diversity and difference
Language is broken up into three areas: Understanding language, Understanding Culture and Communication.
  • Understanding language reflects on language in use and the uses of language. It understands a language works as a system, conceptualising, transforming and applying literacy strategies.
  • Understanding culture develops an understanding of the interrelationship of language and culture, and the influences which culture has on language. It engages with and accepts the diverse concepts and values of another culture.
  • Communication is about listening, speaking, reading and writing. We develop and apply communication skills that enable the interpretation of and expression of thought, feeling and experience through a variety of spoken and written texts.