Our core curriculum is based on the areas of learning in the Australian National Curriculum.

Each year, we hold a Parent Information Night early in first term to give you the opportunity to meet teachers and parents and hear about various aspects of the classroom programs and curriculum issues.

Every effort is made by teachers to help children with special needs. In every class there are children with different needs and varying abilities. Some children require extension while others need reinforcement and understanding of basic concepts.

In answering these needs children are variously given extra individual or group attention. Where specific learning difficulties are identified, our Special Education staff, with the support of regional and state personnel, will assist the classroom teacher.

The Australian Curriculum and Religious Education

All schools have moved to a national approach to education - the Australian Curriculum.

While the Australian Curriculum provides a national approach to education, there is no religious education component in the Australian Curriculum. The School will continue to use the South Australian developed Crossways Curriculum. The development of a National Religious Education Framework is currently being discussed.